Installing iPad Apps with Manager

Amy Herrera -

Any iPad applications you may need, Schoology, Chrome, Zoom, etc. are available for easy install through Manager. 

1. Your Manager application should already open up to the "My Apps" tab on the bottom. If not, select it.iPad_Manager_Student01.PNG


2. Click in the Search bar and type out the app you're looking for.

       - You can click 'update' to refresh the list of apps if the one you need doesn't appear upon search.

4. Click "(Re)Install/Update" to start the download.


5. Once you see the "Command sent to the device" pop-up the download will start on its own. 



Please note, you will not receive a notification the application has finished installing. About 10-20 minutes after you see the install command pop-up, check your home screen(s) and the application will already be installed automatically.


If the app you search for is unavailable, please submit a new help desk ticket. 

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